Destiny’s Personal Retirement Solutions are the key to unlock your financial freedom and the ‘what ifs’ of retirement. Ultimately your retirement destiny is not a matter of chance; it’s a matter of choice. These are the top reasons why a Destiny Retirement Annuity is a sensible choice.

Select your fee structure

  • The direct model is preferred as the Funds are marketed directly in order to minimize your costs. This generates enhanced investments at retirement for you.
  • The Board of Trustees is aware that many investors require the services of a Financial Adviser. These services would be at an agreed fee between you and the adviser. Please contact us in order to arrange for an accredited adviser to assist you.

Lower costs for investment expertise.
To invest and manage your retirement savings where it will yield the best return in an ever changing investor’s landscape requires hands-on expertise. Destiny groups multiple investments from all its clients, individual and corporate, together, which results in large scale investments and this gives us the muscle to negotiate minimal costs.

No penalties if you have to stop investing earlier.
If you have an existing retirement annuity with a Life Insurer you will be subject to the terms and conditions that you and your insurer have agreed on upfront. It is for example standard procedure for Life Insurers to impose penalties if you stop investing before the retirement date that you initially committed to.
Destiny refuses to subscribe to this policy and charges no penalty if you have to exit your retirement annuity earlier.

Your investment accommodates you as your needs change.
How conservative or risky you should invest for retirement depends on where you are right now. The Destiny LifeStage Model automatically adjusts your profile as you grow older and takes into consideration the time left to invest. This gives you the peace of mind that as and when your profile changes, your investment portfolio will be aligned accordingly.

Take your retirement destiny in your own hands and let your retirement be the beginning of an open highway instead of being the end of the road. Get a quote now, view our personal retirement options or read more about why Destiny.