Standard Benefits

General benefits

Ease of entry… Our umbrella funds give employers easy access to corporate scale retirement benefits for their employees.

High medical free cover limits… Due to pooled membership from numerous employers, Destiny is able to offer its members high amounts of cover for death or disability, without the need for a medical examination.

Group life cover… As we leverage the numbers of all the members that fall under our umbrella funds, we are able to offer life cover at the most reasonable rates.

Dread disease benefits… We are able to pay out a lump sum for the costs that are associated with specified traumatic events or life-altering illnesses.

Disability cover… If a member loses the ability to generate an income, this cover will provide a percentage of salary until the normal retirement age. Alternatively, a lump sum benefit can be selected by a participating employer.

Family funeral benefits… Employers can select benefits of between R5, 000 up to R40, 000 to be paid out to their family to provide for their death or funeral expenses.

Options to preserve retirement funds… Our umbrella preservation funds make it possible for members to reinvest and preserve their retirement savings wisely, upon leaving an employer.

Option to continue investing to retirement is facilitated through the Destiny Retirement Annuity.

At retirements from either the Umbrella Funds or the Preservation Funds or the Retirement Annuity, members can invest in the Destiny Living Annuity.

Investment Portfolios…these are the same throughout the Destiny range of funds thereby providing members with an uninterrupted investment strategy from cradle to grave.

Member Communication

Destiny has a comprehensive communication policy that serves to add value to members by keeping them informed about salient matters relating to their retirement investments. Full details of all benefits, terms and conditions are made available on our website via the Online Member Benefit Statements and Customised Fund Summaries.

Members are further informed through other channels such as their Member Representative Committees and Trustee Training sessions. All members also have direct access to GIB Financial Planning & GIB Private Wealth consultants for advice and consultation.

It is in the moments of decision that destiny is shaped. Decide now to read more about our umbrella funds, retirement annuity funds, preservation funds or living annuity or talk to us.