Investment Options

The Trustees of Destiny Retirement Fund have engaged the services of GIB Financial Services to advise and report back on investment decisions. GIB is paid a maximum annual fee of 0.75% (plus VAT) of the fund’s assets for these services. The amount due is deducted monthly in arrears from the assets of the fund. No parties including the trustees, GIB or any of its affiliates are entitled to any additional fees, commissions, rebates or other payments.

Demonstrated results.
To date, our relationship with GIB Financial Services has yielded exceptional results on our investments. Over the last ten years, Destiny’s funds have been in the 25% of best performers and over the last three years we’ve consistently featured in the top 5%.

A formula that works.
One of the major reasons for our investment success is the shrewd placement and negotiation with an ideal blend of both active and passive asset managers to give our clients the best of both worlds in terms of costs and performance.

Active asset managers charge a fixed cost and often charge a performance based fee as well, to proactively and aggressively manage investments. Destiny deploys a well-spread range of asset managers, but we negotiate reasonable rates for their services upfront, as opposed to paying variable and potentially astronomical performance based fees at a later stage.

Passive asset managers typically charge a lower fixed fee for producing a portfolio that mimics the average return of the market. To this end, we utilise the services of Dibanisa Fund Managers which specialises in index tracking and is one of the largest trackers and most trusted investment houses in South Africa.

The right kind of investment at the right time.
When it comes to how to invest their retirement contributions, most employees rely heavily on the recommendations made by their employers.

However, the retirement options best suited to each employee could vary, as it is subject to age and personal circumstances.For example, a younger employee who has many years left before retirement will typically gain from an investment option which has a higher risk in the short term, but will deliver greater ROI in the long term.

To help employers streamline the management of their employees’ retirement investments, Destiny offers an automatic LifeStage model. Should you opt to incorporate this in your retirement fund, our system will automatically flag changes in the life stages of employees and align their investments accordingly.

The Destiny LifeStage Model, approved by the Board of Trustees, invests members’ money according to their age and retirement date using the Destiny LifeStage model. Destiny runs Four (4) life-stage portfolios with time horizons Each LifeStage portfolio has a different risk and return profile.

Our investment portfolio options: